Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let The Contest Begin



Well the moment has finally arrived! Our Sizzlin’ Sides Cooking Contest is now open and we can’t wait to see the delicious creations you have been working on.

Remember: the contest is open until September 15th which gives you plenty of time to create your masterpiece. 


The winning video recipe submission will win $250.00 in cash plus $50.00 of free Red Monkey products and an official Red Monkey Foods tee-shirt.

The winning recipe submission will receive $150.00 in cash plus $25.00 worth of Red Monkey products and an official Red Monkey Foods tee-shirt.

The top ten in both categories will receive an official Red Monkey Foods tee-shirt.


Go to Red Monkey Foods and click on the contest tab for all the details.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Which Shopper Are You?



If your like thousands of Americans chances are you have made changes in your spending habits over the past year. Today’s consumers are looking for ways to cut back and constantly in search of the better deal. As a result, thrift stores have seen an increase in sales as customers search for bargains. Supermarkets are quickly becoming the new “take out” as consumers turn to preparing meals and entertaining at home.

Consumers are also turning to store brand products as a cheaper alternative and finding that not only are they saving money but are impressed with the quality of the products. Many experts believe that this trend will continue long after the economic crisis has passed. Numbers regarding consumer spending has reached historical proportion and a recent study released by IRI shows that three new kinds of shoppers have emerged: optimists, maintainists, pessimists.

Optimists: who believe “things will get better over the next 12 months” these individuals continue to spend money wisely, making cut backs as needed and making sacrifices only as a last resort.

 Maintainists: those who agree with the statement,“the economy won’t get worse, but it won’t get better either” these individuals are also spending money wisely but are somewhat more aggressive in the area of cut backs.

Pessimists: These individuals who have the mind set that if times are hard now, next year will be even worse. They make cut back wherever possible and are always searching for deals.

Which one are you?

Let us know which kind of shopper you are and feel free to share any changes you have made that might be beneficial to others in the Monkey Community!