Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our January Featured Chef

We recently had the opportunity to visit the Twins Oaks Country Club in Springfield, Mo. and spent a few moments with Executive Chef John Schritchfield.  We want to thank him for taking the time out of his busy holiday schedule to speak with us.


TwinOaks 005 

Driving toward the clubhouse, one can not help but notice the beautiful landscaping along with the perfectly maintained 18 hole course. Suddenly it is like you have left the city of Springfield, and are in your own get away destination.



TwinOaks 004


Outside the clubhouse a large fountain plays it’s part in adding to the relaxing atmosphere that awaits inside. Once inside the club house, the open rooms which are decorated to fit the season and the elegant seating that overlooks the 18th hole all play a role in preparing guests for an unforgettable meal.


TwinOaks 003



Chef  John Schritchfield has been the Executive Chef at the Twin Oaks Country Club for the past 4 years and has found himself very appreciative of his roots and early experiences in a kitchen. His family’s ties to their own restaurants and cooking at home helped him realized that food was what he knew and what he wanted to do for a living. From California to Missouri, John has had his hands in a kitchen for over 30 years. John said that his success is easily contributed to hard work and the support of good people that have surrounded him through out his career.


TwinOaks 002


Those that work with John know that he enjoys working with fresh herbs and spices. While he loves using rosemary, thyme and basil, he also enjoys working with well mixed rubs. Chef John also spoke about the one item that will always be by his side; his basic chef’s knife. This is number one in his culinary toolbox.

John loves spending time with his four daughters and other family members, plus he loves to fish and enjoy time spent outdoors. Chef John also loves the opportunity to be able to express his creativity indoors. One of his passions is the ability to impress a large crowd of multiple tastes and opinions. His favorite success stories all end with a standing ovation from his audience after a day’s worth of hard work and a great meal served.

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