Friday, August 14, 2009

A One of a Kind Coffee Cafe

Mocha Jo's 012 Last night I had the opportunity to spent the evening visiting a new coffee shop located in downtown Monett . The owners have put a large amount of effort into bringing some much needed night life to the downtown area.  The coffee shop offers an enormous array of beverages as well as sandwiches and wonderful homemade desserts.

Mocha Jo's 003

However, the food and drinks are only a small part of what makes this such a great place to spend the evening.  More importantly is the unique ambiance that one feels the moment they walk through the door. This is due impart by the involvement of the local youth who provide a great deal of the entertainment on various nights. From piano to guitar playing to one act plays this makes Mocha Jo’s a one of a kind place.


This particular evening the Monett High School NFL(National Forensic League)performed some of their award winning improvisations for the audience.  This is just one of the many forms of entertainment that makes this a top notch place to spend the evening with family.Mocha Jo's 007

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