Friday, October 9, 2009

Foodie Friday! - Smoked Chicken

Sorry for missing last week's Foodie Friday, I was experiencing the American Royal BBQ Competition in Kansas City! Lots of fun, lots of new friends, and lots of delicious food.

In honor of the American Royal Barbecue and the INCREDIBLE food we found there – yeah, that’s you Buzz and Neds, Smokin’ Yankees, and Always Rubbin’ Something – thanks for feeding the Monkeys!

We had some delicious beef, pork, and chicken. My favorite was easily the smoked chicken! And if you’ve never tried a smoked chicken, you’re missing the delight of juicy roasted chicken that has a great layer of smoke that is so tender it melts over your taste buds engulfing your senses in an explosion of flavor that is enhanced by the sweet scent of smoke and roasted chicken.

And before you run off to get some of your own, here are some tips and a recipe for your own smoked chicken!

Always start with good meat! Avoid chicken that is packed in solution, it’s a chemical brine that’s meant to make it look good, it doesn’t help the taste. I think brine can be great, I just like to do it myself. Start with a fresh bird that’s about 4 lbs, this will feed 5-6 people depending on your crowd.

Smoked Chicken
1 Chicken
4 cups apple juice
4 TBSP Red Monkey Mango Habanera Rub

Before smoking the chicken, wash it well, remove the giblets, and trim off loose fat and skin. Prep your smoker to be around 220.

Rub the chicken down with the Mango Habanera Rub being sure to get in all the crevices, use more if needed based on the size of the chicken.

In a small metal bowl, add 3 cups of apple juice and place in the smoker with the chicken to help give extra moisture and more flavorful smoke. Reserve one cup to add to a squirt bottle for spray basting.

Smoke at about 220 until the chicken breast reaches 180-185 (around 4 hours) And before you say ‘wait, chicken’s done at 165’ I know, but it’s better to overcook when smoking. The juices should run clear, the skin should have a warm brown color, and above the meat should have the right temperature.

This makes a slightly sweet, spicy chicken with an amazing smoked flavor that goes great in sandwiches, appetizers, or just on its own! Roll out the grill/smoker this weekend and enjoy!

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