Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Trip To The American Royal

Surrounded by plastic palm leaves, crock pots and corrugated we set off for our four and half hour journey. A journey that would take us down a path of endless campsites dressed up with tents and colorful banners. Within each site a team busily prepares for the days that lie ahead. As we make our way to where we are to set up, smoke surrounds us. Suddenly, I am starving.

Words cannot describe how wonderful it was to finally get out of the small area I had been sitting in. After a few minutes I was able to walk again and we proceeded to put our booth together.

Then it was off to see the sights.

And there were defiantly some sights to see!

The picture below was taken on Friday of a very elaborate set up. On the right side of the bridge there was a pond with little yellow ducks floating around. Inside the tent, a tiki bar along with rows of tables and chairs awaited a night of fun, food and entertainment. This was just one of many that had pulled out all the stops to make this night a memoriable one for all.

Saturday brought a quietness as the teams got down to business.

For those of us who love a good barbecue...paradise.

While there was so much to see and so many highlights, the biggest highlight was meeting the youngest member of the Smokin' Yankees pictured below. We met him on Friday when he dropped by our booth and started sampling various spices. Saturday he would be competing in the kids Q and was looking for something that he felt would do the trick for his steak entry.
A few moments later he had made his choice and promised he would return on Saturday to let us know the results. Saturday evening he returned to tell us the news that he had taken 4th place. We were so excited for him and I am certain that we will be seeing his name on the winners list for many years to come.

The Monkey team salutes you!

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